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Hi Friends:

I’m delighted to report that as a result of the implementation of the methodology I share in my E-Course, Back Pain and Sciatica Relief, which includes back stretches, over the past several months I haven’t suffered a herniated disc caused by a back spasm or felt any pain from sciatica — and my back feels stronger than ever!

In the process of creating Back Pain and Sciatica Relief, I’ve read lots of articles and watched many videos relating to back stretches.

In so doing, I compared the back stretches I do with lots of others I’ve seen recommended.

As a result, I believe that the 7 back stretches I’m about to share with you are the most dependable and effective I and you can do for a strong, healthy, supple and flexible back.

The common thread running through all these particular back stretches is that they are done while you’re lying on your back.

The 7 Best Back Stretches

I’ve given each one its own unique name, and here are the 7 best back stretches:

1.  The Hands Above Head Stretch
2.  The Open and Shut Legs Stretch
3.  The Bend Knees Torso Stretch
4.  The Knee Over Leg Torso Stretch
5.  The Ankle Over Toe Torso Stretch
6.  The Head To Knees Ab Stretch
7.  The Kick It Over the Shoulder Stretch

You can do these 7 back stretches within about 15 to 20 minutes each time, depending on the number of repetitions for each stretch, and if you do them regularly — two to three times a week, in conjunction with a workout or independently — in all likelihood back pain and sciatica will soon be history for you too.

To be as comfortable as possible while you do these back stretches, I recommend the folding mat made by Everlast, which is ideal for use in your home or office. It’s sturdy and folds at the center for easy upright storage against a wall or in a nook – for example, between two filing cabinets.

Everlast Mat
I explain in detail how to do not only these 7 back stretches but other stretches as well in my $47 E-Course, . . .

Back Pain and Sciatica Relief

7 Simple and Effective Steps to Easily and Naturally Enjoy Relief from Back Pain and Sciatica for Good – Without Doctors, Chiropractors, Drugs, Pain Killers, Pain Relief Creams, Physiotherapy or Surgery

Back Pain and Sciatica Relief

These 7 back stretches, together with the other 6 Steps in the E-Course, serve as a comprehensive program for anyone to enjoy an active lifestyle without suffering the nagging effects of back pain or sciatica.

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